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Special Notice:

Mensa has created a brand new way for you to pay for your test session! While personal checks, Visa, MC, Amex, or Discover cards, and exact cash remain acceptable, you now can purchase a “voucher” for your test session directly from the national Mensa web site. Mensa will refund or credit your account at your request (within 24 months). And if you are eligible for a discount on your test session due to a special offer, the balance will be either refunded or applied to your membership – again,your choice.

 Becoming a Mensan

 Mensa is a truly unique group; its members represent the top 2% of human intelligence in the entire world, but it is devoid of any concerns regarding sex, race, religion, occupation, national origin, social status, political views, etc.  Membership in Mensa is offered to anyone who scores at or above the 98th percentile on any one of over 200 standardized intelligence tests.  You might already have taken one of these tests in school, college, the military, or for employment.  Click here for a partial list of these qualifying tests.  If you provide acceptable documentation of a qualifying score, you will be offered membership on that basis, for a prior evidence evaluation fee of $40.  (TIP: Mensa often waives this fee in April, and waives it for particular groups at times.)  This process is handled only by the National office directly – Memphis Mensa cannot accept any such submissions.

 But if you do not have a record of a qualifying score on a listed test, Mensa offers five qualifying tests in the field administered by trained and certified Mensa test Proctors to candidates age 14 and above – 14-17 ONLY with parent consent.  These volunteer Proctors are certified only to administer and monitor the two test batteries, and do NOT grade or evaluate either the tests or the candidates.  They locate and set up the room, administer and observe the testing process, and forward the completed tests to the National office for grading and interpretation.  A qualifying score (98th percentile) on any ONE of the five tests out of the two test batteries we offer will bring an offer of membership.

 Field tests are scheduled frequently during the year.  They usually are held on Saturdays, but other arrangements can be made when requested.  Please check our current schedule of tests if you are ready, or read on for more information.  Libraries, churches, classrooms, and meeting rooms are frequent venues; private homes are avoided.  The Mensa-administered test session fee is $40, but sometimes promotional discounts are offered.  None of these tests may be repeated, but with so many other tests available this should not be a problem.  The field tests are “calibrated” only for ages 14 and above, so younger candidates will have to take other tests, generally administered by private psychologists or schools.  Candidates MUST arrive on time, and MUST present photo ID.  Electronic devices (recorders, phones, pagers, calculators, etc.) are strictly prohibited.  All exam materials are provided, and no preparations of any kind are necessary.  Candidates ages 14-17 must have their parent sign a consent form.  Payment may be by check, exact cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex), or brand new, a $40 test fee voucher from our national web site.  NOTE: If you change your mind (within 24 months), or receive a discount, the balance will be refunded (or applied to your membership) as you choose.  Test results are confidential; applicants will be notified of their exam results privately, by a personal letter from National headquarters.

 The five field tests are offered in two different test batteries (sets).  The “Standard Battery” consists of two separate timed tests.  One of the two has several different, separately timed sections, each 7 minutes or less.  The other is less than 15 minutes, and contains many different types of short-answer questions.  Of course, a qualifying score on either one is sufficient.  The entire session takes about 2 hours plus registration.

 The “Culture-Free Battery” now consists of three separate tests, including two that are untimed.  These tests are intended for individuals who have difficulty with timed tests, concentration and focus, or the English language, but are available to anyone who chooses this path.  All three are based entirely on picture sets that must be compared, matched, or interpreted according to instructions.  Although not required, the ten-minute timed test is always given first, to keep everyone together for the start of the second test.  The two untimed tests are not completely without time limits.  A usual CFB session might require 3 hours plus registration, but an extra hour or somewhat more can generally be accommodated.  Advance reservation is ALWAYS required for the CFB.

 Counting some 54,000 people in the U.S., Mensa has over 100,000 members worldwide in more than 100 countries.  One person in 50 can qualify for membership in Mensa, but many people are unaware of their high intelligence.  Our ranks are growing steadily, and new members are continually sought and welcomed.  Please visit our national website to learn more about Mensa, and explore Memphis Mensa a little further on this web site.

 Are you one of us? Can you qualify? Come to one of our local test sessions…and learn for sure.  Send an e-mail or call today to make your reservation for the test.  After all, it’s the smart thing to do!

 For exam reservations or additional information, please contact: Dave Shiffman, Memphis Mensa Proctor Coordinator, by e-mail — testing@memphis.us.mensa.org — or call (901) 386-2251.

Welcome to Memphis Mensa

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